Harborside Headquarters



Established in 2016, Harborside Rope Works resides in the small seaside town of Fairhaven Massachusetts, a few miles from Cape Cod and the Islands.

The use of purchased items are limited and I am continually finding new ways to make products using only quality recycled materials. Materials used in Harborside products come straight off of local beaches and/or donated by fishermen. All net, rope, and twine is thoroughly cleaned, trimmed, and sun dried. Color fading and fraying occur naturally as these raw materials are found "as-is" which keeps them unique. 

Up-cycling vs Re-cycling: Up-cycling takes a product or material that can no longer be used for its original purpose and creates a new high quality product directly. Re-cycling takes the same waste and breaks it down by either disassembly or melting it down to create raw material for new products. 100% Upcycled means no new material or purchased items were used to create that product.